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“You spend alot of time on your show, and this is broadcast nationally, ridiculing people of faith.” Dana Rohrabacker (R) to Bill Maher.

“Exactly”  Bill Maher, in response.


“In 1,000 years, what will people say of America? The highway system, the quality of our public schools, and hundreds of other government programs will not make the list. The fact that we put a man on the moon will be remembered for all of human history. ”  J. Oswald


Newt Gingrich-isms

“The idea that a congressman would be tainted by accepting money from private industry or private sources is essentially a socialist argument.”

One more reason this guy scares the hell out of me

“I have enormous personal ambition. I want to shift the entire planet. And I’m doing it. I am now a famous person. I represent real power.”

“It doesn’t matter what I do. People need to hear what I have to say. There’s no one else who can say what I can say. It doesn’t matter what I live.”



“You’re not a Washington insider? You, the former Speaker of the House and Freddie Mac consulting millionaire, are the Washington insider. When Washington gets its prostate checked, it tickles you!” –Jon Stewart, on Newt Gingrich campaigning as a Washington outsider



The following is a reply to a blog post on Affirmative Action (AA).  I think it is one of the shortest, yet precise, explanations for the Democratic Party support for AA policies.


“A rather conniving white person would know ………… and thus argue for AA knowing that it’s a status booster for himself, with no real impact on his welfare from the detriments of AA (the burden of which will be shouldered much more by Asians).”


It is perfect.  It makes a lot of sense.  Affirmative Action actually does very little to whites in America (at least those already in the elite class), while very negatively affecting Asian americans in college admission Et al….

It has never surprised me why African-Americans or Hispanics support AA policy, as rational beings they should, but it has always surprised me how white liberal Americans will step all over themselves proclaiming how much they are trying to help poor minorities to the point they sound quite pretentious (watch any speech on minority politics by John Kerry) to see this in practice).  But of course it makes perfect sense, since now the way to be popular among liberal circles is support for failing minorities.  it is signaling method to other white liberals, nothing more, I mean they wouldn’t of course send their kids to schools with minorities (except Asians, their safe).  And they might get more votes to boot!

The blog is here.


For the debate, I thought the end was dull, but the first 30 minutes were riveting. I loved watching Newt and Mitt rip into each other. My favourite part was where Mitt called Newt an”influence peddler”, prooved it onstage, and somehow Newt made you feel like Mitt was the asshole. BTW guys, that is what scares me so much about Newt. He is the most incredible debator America politics has ever seen. I fear that he could convince America to do stuff that might not be in our best interest just because he is so good at convincing us. Here is how I feel about the candidates, from fave to least fave.


1. Ron Paul: screechy weirdo voice guy who nonetheless is the only major politician today who has good ideas and wouldn’t be just a democrat with a republican hat on.


2. Mitt Romney: I do think he is a chickenhawk, but he is easily the most capable, and possibly most disciplined politician alive today. No doubt our economy would do the best under him. I like his Tax policy the most of any of the candidates. I think if he keeps pressure on China, he could be a phenomenal president. My concern is that once elected, he will lay off on China and open trade deals that could hurt the American middle class more than it is now.


3. Barack Obama: Just not as bad as most conservatives say he is. His written opinions tend to be crazy liberal, but functionally, his policies have been borderline conservative, and virtually identical to Bush. His foreign policy is more Robust than Bush (with the exception of Torture), although domestically he has been a disaster, but again, no different than Bush whatsoever in functional policy. The Bailouts were extensions of Bush policy. Plus, he has created programs that directly benefited me and my family. We got a great refi from the HARP program that I doubt a republican would have created. My odds of voting for him are fairly low, but I can’t hate the guy because of his opinions, his actual policies are more important. He capped Osama, but like the banks you won’t give a black man credit! (I stole that Joke from Bill Maher!!!)


4. Santorum: Likable, I guess??? He looks like a clown, makes way to many consessions to the religious right, has been shown to be one of the biggest pork-barrel spenders out there, and is probably going to keep us in Afganistan for the next 4-8 years. That being said, he is the only one who is openly aggressive towards Iran and is the only politician alive today who actually was against the bailouts when everyone else was saying America will collapse if we don’t do them. He walks the walk.


5. Newt: I would love to see him cream Obama in a debate, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that he is an egotistical PSCYCOPATH!!


BTW, has anyone noticed how the media keeps telling how strange the republican field is, and how it is bad they cannot pick a leader?  I seem to remember in ’08 the media telling us how having a 3 way race between Obama, Clinton, and Edwards, was refreshing, andgood for America to have such good selections.  And the republicans were dirty and nazi-like because they fell in line with McCain so easily.  Yet, how are democrats diverse, Idea-wise, at all?  Find me a pro-life major democrat?  One who want s to protect our border?  One how doesn’t pander to every ethnicity or immigrant no matter what?  Find me a major democrat the doesn’t tow the democrat line on EVERY ISSUE……The republicans on the on the other hand, are diverse up the wazzoo.  Ron Paul is the only truly anti-war candidate of either party.


We forget how awesome the bible is.

“Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man, but save for yourself every girl who has never slept with a man.” (Numbers 31:17-18)


Now that’s a GOD I can believe in!!!


Newts’ best friend is Romney’s taxes.

It should go without saying the Mitt Romney lost South Carolina because he didn’t release his 2010 tax return.  How stupid could he be?  I am a Romney supporter (although crazy Ron Paul is my first choice), but I have 2 issues with Mitt Romney.


1.  We are still in the midst of a financial crisis and people are sick of the Vampire Squids (as Taibi puts it!) with their tentacles all over Washington politics.  People think that there is no way for a rich person to get rich unless they cheated, stole, or lied to get it.  The democrats, of course, do whatever they can to inflate these charges to get their nutty supporters riled up.  either way, people HATE the rich, and are convinced they are all dirty.  And let’s be honest, most of them probably are.  For Mitt Romney not to have already released his taxes scares me.  Maybe he is hiding something?  He is so smart in every other way, but to miss the GAPING hole between him and the average voter and not do anything to close it, which is as simple as releasing tax returns eludes me?  Considering he is about 7 inches from the presidential nomination just confuses me even more.


I don’t think Mitt is dirty, that being said, I don’t think he really is a capitalist in the true sense of the word.  he does not produce anything.  Economists love to argue that point, but I am solidly in the camp of people who believe that being good at making money from money, is NOT being a production member of society. In this sense, I fail to see how Romney is really any better than the rappers conservatives love to hate.  How is the picture below really any different from rappers rapping having money and bitches?

If this was Tupac or Dre or Snoop eating money, what would the conservatives be saying

Sorry, christian conservatives, would Jesus really prefer these slick turds actually posing eating money over a community organizer?  I am really sick of middle class white people thinking that bazillionaires like Romney give any shit for them at all outside of giving him a vote to get into the white house.


2.  Romney is a chicken little

Romney did not fight in the Vietnam War.  Romney was a Mormon
Missionary during the Vietnam era, and under the conscientious
objector provisions, you do not need to fight in American wars if your
religion prohibits it (which is stupid, BTW), thus Romney was exempt
from fighting.  At this point, I have no issue, I wouldn’t want to die
either.  However, he often protested the protestors.  there is my
issue.  that is bull#$%.  You can’t be a rich punk that gets exempt
from fighting and then protest the young poorer people who WILL be
drafted to fight and possibly be killed.

This makes me incensed!  An I get into arguments all the time (my wife included) who for some reason think this is OK?!?  Listen, if I had a fortune and could pay to keep my kids out of the draft, than GREAT, hey that’s the american dream, but if my kid turned around and protested the poor sops that DO have to go over and fight and die because they don’t have rich parents, well, I would kick his ass on the curb.

I just don’t understand how other conservatives have the gall to say protesters are evil cowards, but then turn around not go fight wars themselves! f-that.

Now, is Romney a coward?  I don’t know, despite what I say above, he is the only politician that can think AND stare down his opponents!  he is the most alpha-male of any politician I have ever seen, on either side of the fence.  I do like that. Plus, he would be the first adult we have had in the white house since the elder Bush.

Anyways, other than that, I like Romney.


Great Links


I love this, it really show how only two of the republican candidates have not really ever gone down in popularity.  Romney and Paul.  Paul in fact has slowly gained double the supporters he started with, the only candidate to do this.



Unemployment by group.  unfortunately it only goes up to Sept.09, but you get the point.



Doesn’t this picture just say everything you need to know about Al Sharpton??



Interesting.  So I guess if Paul Krugman is correct than more food aid to low-income mothers will lower the pool of white and asian players in American Professional sports even further?


Youth unemployment, Conservatives are blind, but liberals are EVIL

OK, so a friend sent me a link today.

Some of the numbers here are stunning.  In August of 2011 black youth unemployment for both sexes was a stunning 46.3%.  And I couldn’t find the numbers on youth gender, but I think it would be safe to assume that black youth males are well over 50% unemployed right now.  And when you factor in the prevalence of black male youth in prison which is NOT counted in BLS statistics, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that the plight of black men in America is frankly tragic. 

But that is for another post.  I would like to focus on how blind conservatives are and evil Liberals are.  The general conservative answer to youth unemployment is “getta job, slacker”.  And I think in normal times, that is a fair answer.  Youth unemployment is always going to be higher than the overall rate.  I have not done any analysis, but the overall Youth Unemployment Rate (YUR) of 23.1% doesn’t seem “that bad” considering we are still dealing with a recession.  the youth will always be the hardest hit.  Some liberal commentators like to chime in about how the US is now comparable to arab spring YUR levels. That is true, but it also ignores that most European countries have higher YUR, for example France, the UK, and Belgium.

That being said, I would argue that our current youth crisis is very dangerous indeed.  As many have commented, our college graduates have skills that do nothing with a modern economy.

the majors colleges are handing out are becoming more worthless or antiquated as time goes by, there are not enough students taking valuable modern-day college paths like math or engineering, and the vast majority of college students are taking up majors that have little to no money-making benefit to their future (acting, history, teaching, english, art).  On top of that, menial jobs, which in times past were filled by college students, are now being filled by cheap, often illegal, foreign laborers.   As an example of that, when I was in high school, I worked on a cherry farm in the summer (believe it or not, I AM white) for 9 bucks an hour.  I did that for 3 summers.  But one summer, Hispanics had moved into the area, and they worked for 4 bucks an hour, under the table.  Shockingly, I did not work on a cherry farm that summer.  that is one reason why I do not buy the “well whites don’t want those jobs” argument for illegal immigration.  I don’t want to illegally make less than minimum wage and be treated like crap, I guess I am evil.

Anyways, Conservatives are blind.  For the last 20 years, there has been a who’s who of Wall Street CEOs going back and forth between high paying wall street jobs, and then heading over to policy and regulation jobs with the federal government (Hank Paulson, anybody), “regulating” those same companies, and out of nowhere giving out huge bailouts to the failed companies they worked for, using the tax money from the idiot republican voters who can barely make their mortgage payment that he owes the very same BANK.  They give out huge agricultural subsidies to agribusiness, which benefit about 200 businessman in New York, and then still somehow get votes from the blind, brain-dead republican voters in “small-town America” because they have “Family values”……

But the Liberals and Democrats are even more evil.  At least the Republicans you can corner into admitting they are evil (remember Trent Lott), while the Democrats actually believe the crazy stuff they say.  Democrats and Liberals will cry about hurting illegal hispanic immigrants, even though they are competing for jobs DIRECTLY with the youth and African-Americans.  Two constituencies Dem’s “claim” to want to do anything for.  Of course, Hispanics are the future, so obvi the dems have to get their hands on those votes.  What astounds me is the brain-dead ignorant college kids and AA’s that keep voting for these backstabbers.  Further, almost all dems favor minimum wage increases.  Once again, direct correlation between minimum wage and YUR.  Yet young democrats are some of the strongest advocates of the cause.  and on top of that, we get a Democrat president who changes absolutely nothing from his Republican predecessor in economic policy (if anything, makes it worse), the recession doesn’t end, cozies up to the insurance industries closer than Bush ever dared, appoints Goldman Sachs very own Timothy Geithner to the treasury of all  places (along with at least 8 others from Goldman alone, and where is the first place the youth of America flashes their anger, what part of Washington DC?   Wall Street, NY????WHAT?????

At the end of the day, I do sympathize with the wall street protestors.  I fail to see how any of these over-educated “actors” and “designers” are ever going to get employment in the United States.  It is not all their fault.  But as long as the left keeps telling them how great they are, and can have streets paved with gold paid for by seagull shit, and the right just keeps squeezing their middle class parents, I foresee a very dangerous future.  There are other countries that are more concerned with profit for their friends and family at the expense of the middle class, those are called African and Middle Eastern countries, and they are the worst.

The only bright  spot on the horizon is that Ron Paul is getting upwards of half of the youth vote where he seems to actually reach young people  So maybe not this second, but sometime in the future we can eliminated the current evil brand of politician