The Blind leading the Blind



So now we are going to compensate “victims” who were sterilized by the state of North Carolina.  I realize that Eugenics is a tricky topic, and it is quite possible I will come off sounding like Hitler here.  But Eugenics can be good. 


 I don’t doubt there are some people here who were probably unfairly sterilized by the state of North Carolina, like Elaine Riddick, who is mentioned in the story.  She was raped when she was 14, and when she went to have the baby the state decided she was “feeble-minded” and sterilized her.    The story gets a little murky here, becuase it was not mandatory, as the grandmother signed her acceptance of the procedure.   But, regardless, this ignores the thousands of people who probably shouldn’t be reproducing.  All it takes is to stop at any gas station in America and you can see the quality of people we are crapping out.  That is, not very high.   I think back to a story a few years ago about an inner city women who killed her 3 daughters, chopped them up and threw them into her freezer, and no one noticed until a few months later one of the ladies at the womens hair salon asked where the kids have been.  This disgusting human had a lengthy history of mental health disturbances, or what they called in the 50’s: feeble mindedness.  My point being that this women should not be crapping out nasty copies of herself.  Oh, I just remembered, all 3 daughters were from different men, the surprises continue!


Back to the story, what is not mentioned is the thousands of people who probably, frankly, were justifiably sterilized.  How many criminals were not born, how many lives may have been saved by this criminals not walking the street?   My argument here is similar to the Freakonomics abortion argument.



I will not pretend this is a “good” policy, but to only look at the negative connotations or Eugenics is equally horrible, IMO.  Hitler absolutely bastardized the concept of eugenics with his twisted programs targeting only groups he didn’t like, but the base concept of Eugenics, that we have the knowledge of the human genome to better our species and possibly eliminate horrible disfiguring genetic diseases, holds great promise, and should not be thrown away for political wim.


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