Tim Tebow and being an Agnostic

My first ever post!  I am sure this will eventually be the most read blog in the history of the universe.

Tim Tebow is on  my mind.  I am an agnostic.  I am not going to get deeply into that because this is my first post, and I will delve into that deeply at some point in the next week.

However, as everyone knows by now, Tim Tebow is basically jesus as a quarterback.  he somehow, once again, pulled a stunning upset over a superior team, this time in the playoffs, and claimed Jesus had something to do with it.  Most of my atheist friends pretty much laugh right there.  However, the aspect of this game I find interesting is that Tim Tebow threw a huge touchdown on the 1st play of overtime and finish with exactly 316 years.  Tebow has been playing with 3:16 chalked on his face for almost every game he has ever played.  That is his favourite verse of the bible.  I read recently that John 3:16 has become the most googled verse of the bible, doubtlessly due to Tibows influence. 

As an agnostic I must admit the oddity of the fact that in arguably the biggest game in his career, he finished with the exact total yardage as this famous bible verse.  Am I a believer now?  Of course not, Troy Polamalu is also a devoted christian, along with numerouse other steelers, who lost the game.  The idea that Jesus gives a crap about a football game is repulsive to me.  Christians are arguing that it is not the game God cares about, but the word that is being spread by Tebows popularity.  Maybe?  I guess it would be nice if Jesus would just descend from heaven in a beautiful perfect light to bring peace to the Earth?  Yeah, that would be more convincing than Tebow-power.

All that being said, if Tebow wins next week in a come from behind and totals 316 of yardage, I will start second guessing some beliefs of mine!!!


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