Newts’ best friend is Romney’s taxes.

It should go without saying the Mitt Romney lost South Carolina because he didn’t release his 2010 tax return.  How stupid could he be?  I am a Romney supporter (although crazy Ron Paul is my first choice), but I have 2 issues with Mitt Romney.


1.  We are still in the midst of a financial crisis and people are sick of the Vampire Squids (as Taibi puts it!) with their tentacles all over Washington politics.  People think that there is no way for a rich person to get rich unless they cheated, stole, or lied to get it.  The democrats, of course, do whatever they can to inflate these charges to get their nutty supporters riled up.  either way, people HATE the rich, and are convinced they are all dirty.  And let’s be honest, most of them probably are.  For Mitt Romney not to have already released his taxes scares me.  Maybe he is hiding something?  He is so smart in every other way, but to miss the GAPING hole between him and the average voter and not do anything to close it, which is as simple as releasing tax returns eludes me?  Considering he is about 7 inches from the presidential nomination just confuses me even more.


I don’t think Mitt is dirty, that being said, I don’t think he really is a capitalist in the true sense of the word.  he does not produce anything.  Economists love to argue that point, but I am solidly in the camp of people who believe that being good at making money from money, is NOT being a production member of society. In this sense, I fail to see how Romney is really any better than the rappers conservatives love to hate.  How is the picture below really any different from rappers rapping having money and bitches?

If this was Tupac or Dre or Snoop eating money, what would the conservatives be saying

Sorry, christian conservatives, would Jesus really prefer these slick turds actually posing eating money over a community organizer?  I am really sick of middle class white people thinking that bazillionaires like Romney give any shit for them at all outside of giving him a vote to get into the white house.


2.  Romney is a chicken little

Romney did not fight in the Vietnam War.  Romney was a Mormon
Missionary during the Vietnam era, and under the conscientious
objector provisions, you do not need to fight in American wars if your
religion prohibits it (which is stupid, BTW), thus Romney was exempt
from fighting.  At this point, I have no issue, I wouldn’t want to die
either.  However, he often protested the protestors.  there is my
issue.  that is bull#$%.  You can’t be a rich punk that gets exempt
from fighting and then protest the young poorer people who WILL be
drafted to fight and possibly be killed.


This makes me incensed!  An I get into arguments all the time (my wife included) who for some reason think this is OK?!?  Listen, if I had a fortune and could pay to keep my kids out of the draft, than GREAT, hey that’s the american dream, but if my kid turned around and protested the poor sops that DO have to go over and fight and die because they don’t have rich parents, well, I would kick his ass on the curb.

I just don’t understand how other conservatives have the gall to say protesters are evil cowards, but then turn around not go fight wars themselves! f-that.

Now, is Romney a coward?  I don’t know, despite what I say above, he is the only politician that can think AND stare down his opponents!  he is the most alpha-male of any politician I have ever seen, on either side of the fence.  I do like that. Plus, he would be the first adult we have had in the white house since the elder Bush.

Anyways, other than that, I like Romney.


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