For the debate, I thought the end was dull, but the first 30 minutes were riveting. I loved watching Newt and Mitt rip into each other. My favourite part was where Mitt called Newt an”influence peddler”, prooved it onstage, and somehow Newt made you feel like Mitt was the asshole. BTW guys, that is what scares me so much about Newt. He is the most incredible debator America politics has ever seen. I fear that he could convince America to do stuff that might not be in our best interest just because he is so good at convincing us. Here is how I feel about the candidates, from fave to least fave.


1. Ron Paul: screechy weirdo voice guy who nonetheless is the only major politician today who has good ideas and wouldn’t be just a democrat with a republican hat on.


2. Mitt Romney: I do think he is a chickenhawk, but he is easily the most capable, and possibly most disciplined politician alive today. No doubt our economy would do the best under him. I like his Tax policy the most of any of the candidates. I think if he keeps pressure on China, he could be a phenomenal president. My concern is that once elected, he will lay off on China and open trade deals that could hurt the American middle class more than it is now.


3. Barack Obama: Just not as bad as most conservatives say he is. His written opinions tend to be crazy liberal, but functionally, his policies have been borderline conservative, and virtually identical to Bush. His foreign policy is more Robust than Bush (with the exception of Torture), although domestically he has been a disaster, but again, no different than Bush whatsoever in functional policy. The Bailouts were extensions of Bush policy. Plus, he has created programs that directly benefited me and my family. We got a great refi from the HARP program that I doubt a republican would have created. My odds of voting for him are fairly low, but I can’t hate the guy because of his opinions, his actual policies are more important. He capped Osama, but like the banks you won’t give a black man credit! (I stole that Joke from Bill Maher!!!)


4. Santorum: Likable, I guess??? He looks like a clown, makes way to many consessions to the religious right, has been shown to be one of the biggest pork-barrel spenders out there, and is probably going to keep us in Afganistan for the next 4-8 years. That being said, he is the only one who is openly aggressive towards Iran and is the only politician alive today who actually was against the bailouts when everyone else was saying America will collapse if we don’t do them. He walks the walk.


5. Newt: I would love to see him cream Obama in a debate, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that he is an egotistical PSCYCOPATH!!


BTW, has anyone noticed how the media keeps telling how strange the republican field is, and how it is bad they cannot pick a leader?  I seem to remember in ’08 the media telling us how having a 3 way race between Obama, Clinton, and Edwards, was refreshing, andgood for America to have such good selections.  And the republicans were dirty and nazi-like because they fell in line with McCain so easily.  Yet, how are democrats diverse, Idea-wise, at all?  Find me a pro-life major democrat?  One who want s to protect our border?  One how doesn’t pander to every ethnicity or immigrant no matter what?  Find me a major democrat the doesn’t tow the democrat line on EVERY ISSUE……The republicans on the on the other hand, are diverse up the wazzoo.  Ron Paul is the only truly anti-war candidate of either party.


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