The following is a reply to a blog post on Affirmative Action (AA).  I think it is one of the shortest, yet precise, explanations for the Democratic Party support for AA policies.


“A rather conniving white person would know ………… and thus argue for AA knowing that it’s a status booster for himself, with no real impact on his welfare from the detriments of AA (the burden of which will be shouldered much more by Asians).”


It is perfect.  It makes a lot of sense.  Affirmative Action actually does very little to whites in America (at least those already in the elite class), while very negatively affecting Asian americans in college admission Et al….

It has never surprised me why African-Americans or Hispanics support AA policy, as rational beings they should, but it has always surprised me how white liberal Americans will step all over themselves proclaiming how much they are trying to help poor minorities to the point they sound quite pretentious (watch any speech on minority politics by John Kerry) to see this in practice).  But of course it makes perfect sense, since now the way to be popular among liberal circles is support for failing minorities.  it is signaling method to other white liberals, nothing more, I mean they wouldn’t of course send their kids to schools with minorities (except Asians, their safe).  And they might get more votes to boot!

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