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Youth unemployment, Conservatives are blind, but liberals are EVIL

OK, so a friend sent me a link today.

Some of the numbers here are stunning.  In August of 2011 black youth unemployment for both sexes was a stunning 46.3%.  And I couldn’t find the numbers on youth gender, but I think it would be safe to assume that black youth males are well over 50% unemployed right now.  And when you factor in the prevalence of black male youth in prison which is NOT counted in BLS statistics, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that the plight of black men in America is frankly tragic. 

But that is for another post.  I would like to focus on how blind conservatives are and evil Liberals are.  The general conservative answer to youth unemployment is “getta job, slacker”.  And I think in normal times, that is a fair answer.  Youth unemployment is always going to be higher than the overall rate.  I have not done any analysis, but the overall Youth Unemployment Rate (YUR) of 23.1% doesn’t seem “that bad” considering we are still dealing with a recession.  the youth will always be the hardest hit.  Some liberal commentators like to chime in about how the US is now comparable to arab spring YUR levels. That is true, but it also ignores that most European countries have higher YUR, for example France, the UK, and Belgium.

That being said, I would argue that our current youth crisis is very dangerous indeed.  As many have commented, our college graduates have skills that do nothing with a modern economy.

the majors colleges are handing out are becoming more worthless or antiquated as time goes by, there are not enough students taking valuable modern-day college paths like math or engineering, and the vast majority of college students are taking up majors that have little to no money-making benefit to their future (acting, history, teaching, english, art).  On top of that, menial jobs, which in times past were filled by college students, are now being filled by cheap, often illegal, foreign laborers.   As an example of that, when I was in high school, I worked on a cherry farm in the summer (believe it or not, I AM white) for 9 bucks an hour.  I did that for 3 summers.  But one summer, Hispanics had moved into the area, and they worked for 4 bucks an hour, under the table.  Shockingly, I did not work on a cherry farm that summer.  that is one reason why I do not buy the “well whites don’t want those jobs” argument for illegal immigration.  I don’t want to illegally make less than minimum wage and be treated like crap, I guess I am evil.

Anyways, Conservatives are blind.  For the last 20 years, there has been a who’s who of Wall Street CEOs going back and forth between high paying wall street jobs, and then heading over to policy and regulation jobs with the federal government (Hank Paulson, anybody), “regulating” those same companies, and out of nowhere giving out huge bailouts to the failed companies they worked for, using the tax money from the idiot republican voters who can barely make their mortgage payment that he owes the very same BANK.  They give out huge agricultural subsidies to agribusiness, which benefit about 200 businessman in New York, and then still somehow get votes from the blind, brain-dead republican voters in “small-town America” because they have “Family values”……

But the Liberals and Democrats are even more evil.  At least the Republicans you can corner into admitting they are evil (remember Trent Lott), while the Democrats actually believe the crazy stuff they say.  Democrats and Liberals will cry about hurting illegal hispanic immigrants, even though they are competing for jobs DIRECTLY with the youth and African-Americans.  Two constituencies Dem’s “claim” to want to do anything for.  Of course, Hispanics are the future, so obvi the dems have to get their hands on those votes.  What astounds me is the brain-dead ignorant college kids and AA’s that keep voting for these backstabbers.  Further, almost all dems favor minimum wage increases.  Once again, direct correlation between minimum wage and YUR.  Yet young democrats are some of the strongest advocates of the cause.  and on top of that, we get a Democrat president who changes absolutely nothing from his Republican predecessor in economic policy (if anything, makes it worse), the recession doesn’t end, cozies up to the insurance industries closer than Bush ever dared, appoints Goldman Sachs very own Timothy Geithner to the treasury of all  places (along with at least 8 others from Goldman alone, and where is the first place the youth of America flashes their anger, what part of Washington DC?   Wall Street, NY????WHAT?????

At the end of the day, I do sympathize with the wall street protestors.  I fail to see how any of these over-educated “actors” and “designers” are ever going to get employment in the United States.  It is not all their fault.  But as long as the left keeps telling them how great they are, and can have streets paved with gold paid for by seagull shit, and the right just keeps squeezing their middle class parents, I foresee a very dangerous future.  There are other countries that are more concerned with profit for their friends and family at the expense of the middle class, those are called African and Middle Eastern countries, and they are the worst.

The only bright  spot on the horizon is that Ron Paul is getting upwards of half of the youth vote where he seems to actually reach young people  So maybe not this second, but sometime in the future we can eliminated the current evil brand of politician


The Blind leading the Blind–abc-news.html


So now we are going to compensate “victims” who were sterilized by the state of North Carolina.  I realize that Eugenics is a tricky topic, and it is quite possible I will come off sounding like Hitler here.  But Eugenics can be good. 


 I don’t doubt there are some people here who were probably unfairly sterilized by the state of North Carolina, like Elaine Riddick, who is mentioned in the story.  She was raped when she was 14, and when she went to have the baby the state decided she was “feeble-minded” and sterilized her.    The story gets a little murky here, becuase it was not mandatory, as the grandmother signed her acceptance of the procedure.   But, regardless, this ignores the thousands of people who probably shouldn’t be reproducing.  All it takes is to stop at any gas station in America and you can see the quality of people we are crapping out.  That is, not very high.   I think back to a story a few years ago about an inner city women who killed her 3 daughters, chopped them up and threw them into her freezer, and no one noticed until a few months later one of the ladies at the womens hair salon asked where the kids have been.  This disgusting human had a lengthy history of mental health disturbances, or what they called in the 50’s: feeble mindedness.  My point being that this women should not be crapping out nasty copies of herself.  Oh, I just remembered, all 3 daughters were from different men, the surprises continue!


Back to the story, what is not mentioned is the thousands of people who probably, frankly, were justifiably sterilized.  How many criminals were not born, how many lives may have been saved by this criminals not walking the street?   My argument here is similar to the Freakonomics abortion argument.


I will not pretend this is a “good” policy, but to only look at the negative connotations or Eugenics is equally horrible, IMO.  Hitler absolutely bastardized the concept of eugenics with his twisted programs targeting only groups he didn’t like, but the base concept of Eugenics, that we have the knowledge of the human genome to better our species and possibly eliminate horrible disfiguring genetic diseases, holds great promise, and should not be thrown away for political wim.


Tim Tebow and being an Agnostic

My first ever post!  I am sure this will eventually be the most read blog in the history of the universe.

Tim Tebow is on  my mind.  I am an agnostic.  I am not going to get deeply into that because this is my first post, and I will delve into that deeply at some point in the next week.

However, as everyone knows by now, Tim Tebow is basically jesus as a quarterback.  he somehow, once again, pulled a stunning upset over a superior team, this time in the playoffs, and claimed Jesus had something to do with it.  Most of my atheist friends pretty much laugh right there.  However, the aspect of this game I find interesting is that Tim Tebow threw a huge touchdown on the 1st play of overtime and finish with exactly 316 years.  Tebow has been playing with 3:16 chalked on his face for almost every game he has ever played.  That is his favourite verse of the bible.  I read recently that John 3:16 has become the most googled verse of the bible, doubtlessly due to Tibows influence. 

As an agnostic I must admit the oddity of the fact that in arguably the biggest game in his career, he finished with the exact total yardage as this famous bible verse.  Am I a believer now?  Of course not, Troy Polamalu is also a devoted christian, along with numerouse other steelers, who lost the game.  The idea that Jesus gives a crap about a football game is repulsive to me.  Christians are arguing that it is not the game God cares about, but the word that is being spread by Tebows popularity.  Maybe?  I guess it would be nice if Jesus would just descend from heaven in a beautiful perfect light to bring peace to the Earth?  Yeah, that would be more convincing than Tebow-power.

All that being said, if Tebow wins next week in a come from behind and totals 316 of yardage, I will start second guessing some beliefs of mine!!!